My Genealogy Page

Here are links to my family lines which I have researched and documented. Several of these pages include links to other pages of my genealogy which I will eventually add separate links to. (In progress....)

Y DNA Projects I manage:



Y DNA research which proved my ancestral paternal line back to my earliest proved Daniel ancestor.

An update to my 1995 book, Thomas Daniel of Colonial Virginia and Eight Generations of His Descendants.


Here is the first chapter of my book on my maternal line, the Hostetter family.


This is a somewhat large PDF of my work on my Burroughs line. This file is really large because I need to reduce the size of the images in it, which I will someday do, making the file much smaller.

My ancestors who were war time veterans

Unfortunately, I had no direct ancestors of age to serve in some wars; Mexican War, Spanish American War,  WWI, WWII. (In progress as I create web pages for these ancestors.)

French and Indian War

Dunmore's War

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Black Hawk Indian War

Civil War