The Four Basics

  1. You have honestly earned at least a bachelor degree from a reputable university. No cheating, no plagiarism, etc. Anything built from something not honestly earned is stolen.

  2. You are living a healthy and fit lifestyle. That means you exercise every day, eat a healthy diet, and have a healthy body mass index (Normal Weight, Not overweight, Not obese).
  1. You are emotionally stable. This means a lot of things. You respect yourself, you use good judgement when inviting people into your life, you have high moral standards, you associate only with decent, honest, honorable, quality people, etc.
  1. You have No children. That doesn't mean no children at home, it means no children, no grandchildren. NO CHILDREN!

***Note: If I am being friendly toward you and you don't meet the four basics listed above, I am just being friendly! I am not flirting with you.