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Boo!!! This is my 2017 state id photo AKA "angry old white man"
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April 19 2018. I retired on 1 February 2018. I've only used my alarm clock once in the past three months for an appointment to take my cat to the vet. Sweet. Enjoying not having a schedule, not having to be anywhere at a certain time (yawn, scratch). Taking my time every morning doing my chores and my morning yoga and workout. Haven't missed any workouts. What used to be crammed into about 90 minutes in the morning before corporate bondage (AKA werk) sometimes takes twice as long now, as my new speed is "moseying". I just go to bed when I feel tired and have a sleep timer that wakes me up 8 hours after I set it, just before the Sandman (now a welcomed friend!) comes. My body seems to like going to bed between midnight and 1 am and getting up 8 hours later. Other than that, I go to thrift shops, do genealogy research, write, hike, shoot at the range at least once a week and do whatever I feel like doing. Lost the beard as I realized the only reason I grew it was to avoid the time it takes to shave. Now I take my time, working lather up in my shaving mug, getting it just right on my face, slowly shaving and enjoying the experience. Haven't timed a shave... I've been taking drives on the old two lane back roads, avoiding the Interstate, exploring alternate routes to my favorite places and just bopping around. I could get used to this! No intention of doing volunteer work, part time work, etc., in the forseeable future. I think my hair is growing back! Call me Mr. Bum.

18 July 2018. See above! Still in moseying mode, sometimes sub-moseying mode... I now know all of the thrift shops in about a 70 mile radius. I've only driven on the Interstate four or five times, mostly to make short hops from one old two lane road to another old two lane road. Been posting thrift shop finds to the Collectors Weekly web site. My biggest score so far was probably a Hedley Waycott oil painting that I paid $8 for that is worth 100-200 times more than that. I like treasure hunting! I am also enjoying complete lack of accoutability to anyone or anything, not having a schedule, not knowing what day it is (that is a bit of a lie as I have a different workout for each day of the week, but MonWedFri and TueThursSat are similar, so I just have to remember what I did yesterday. Sunday is a wildcard workout after I do my core stuff). Still haven't missed a workout! My hair is definitely growing back!


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