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State ID photo

Boo!!! This is my 2017 state id photo AKA "angry old white man", Get off my lawn! *
*(The links under my photo are based on comments made to me about my old photo id. I am the opposite of both stereotypes. I found out that some people didn't get the joke or were later just not motivated to read the links, so am explaining it. Also interesting was that getting it was not a generational thing as age did not seem to matter in who knew about these stereotypes. Sheesh! Still funny, though, right? The last few years that I worked I had a "Get off my lawn" sign on my work laptop lid and it was interesting to see who did and did not get the joke. At first, it was just intended to identify folks who share my sense of humor, but in the end it had the opposite result. )

The main purpose of this page is to efficiently introduce myself as I do not use any social media. After being relatively unchanged for several years, I am cleaning up some dead links, reformatting the pages, tweaking colors, backgrounds, etc., and making the text less/more chatty on this page. Please let me know if you find any errors!

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The Four Basics

What I've been thinking about lately.

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